Inactivity guidelines for sysops. These rules are supposed to be lenient because all edits/work on the wiki is voluntary. However, you are expected to do something, as a user with extended rights should. These guidelines should make it crystal-clear of what is expected.


5 months of inactivity, rights will be taken.

If the admin returns within the next 3 months, they can ask for their rights back. If an admin announces a long period of inactivity, this may be extended.

Note: Admins need to be active. Six months should be enough time of inactivity. Rights may be returned by request in the next 3 months. After that, the user will have to reapply for administrator.

Short editing, lurking around the wiki, and generally not doing much of anything may count as inactivity. The admin in question may receive warning of this, but the inactivity deadline may be extended due to circumstances.